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№ 1. Тодорче Ѓоргиев, 19/01/2023 02:15:
I am Todorce from Veles Macedonia. I think you remember me. I am a fan of your club and I gave your President a T-shirt from my club in Turkey 2021, then on several occasions we corresponded with you about a T-shirt from your club and I received the same one by shipment from you. After that , 2021 I meet your guide Egorov and I sent for your boss one present . This year 2022 I met in Iran with his son and we exchanged a blouse from me and a scarf from him. I don't see anywhere that it says that you can buy anything from your club. If possible, please let me know. If it is possible and the price is acceptable, I want a down jacket with your logo and fleece so that I can wear them, promote them and show off during this time of the year. I see that you have t-shirts in other colors, so it's not bad to have one for a change. Thanks in advance . Have a nice eveninig . Regards Todorce
Ps. I sent you same and on messenger with photos
№ 2. Павел Гизер, 30/03/2019 10:57:
Спасибо сотруднику 7 вершин, Кристине Путинцевой за поддержку и помощь в альплагере " NEW Ала- Арча", с уважением Павел.
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